Wood and Stone

A site to track our progress as we build our FirstDay Cottage Canadian house kit. Come on in, get a cup of coffee, set a spell and follow along on our journey or join in if you like. Check back for the weekly update (usually by Wednesday when things are going right) to see what we are currently up to!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Jay and Eric couldn't make it due to scheduling and work issues, but we'll likely see them in a few weeks, which is better as well since they were talking about camping out at the site. The weather report when they started talking about it was for a low of 35F at night. Fortunately the prediction changed to a higher temp and they didn't come anyway. The night-time weather should get warmer as the Summer progresses, though the house site is at 1640 ft, so the temperature will certainly drop at night.

Anyway, the weather did have it's drawbacks - they predicted warm with showers and thunder storms for Saturday and cooler and clearing on Sunday. On Friday we decided to 'work from home' on Saturday. Wendy came to pick me up after work and we took a ride up to the house. We measured out the pieces we needed to cut to fill in the framing around the windows, collected appropriately sized pieces of sheathing and some tools. Before we left, I also sprayed down some wasps that were playing house under the tarp on the front of the house and sprayed a bleach water mix on the mildew that had accumulated in the basement.

Saturday was spent with the kids at home. Wendy took some time in the morning to measure boards while I built a new set of saw horses I had bought back in the winter. In the afternoon I cut the sheathing, ripped the tounges off (to provide a solid edge next to the flange to nail into) and stacked it back into the car to go up to the house on Sunday.

Sunday we headed up to the house and decided to put in the small windows on the road side of the house. I was on the ladder to put these in since they were small and there was no sense tearing down the scaffold on the front of the house. After the first window though, my back started yelling at me. The way we got the windows up the ladder was Wendy picked them up, then I grabbed the top and lifted the window onto the ladder. I also needed to move the window around me on the ladder to get it into place and I must have twisted the wrong way while lifting in a bad position. We finished the second window, then I took it easy and put on the Protecto Wrap while Wendy put the pieces around the window holes on the woods side of the house. We finished up around normal time and cleaned up for the weekend.

Some chiropractic care, heating pads and Advil later I will have to be more careful next weekend moving stuff around and climbing up and down.