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Sunday, April 1, 2007

The vision

We have our stamped, modified plans, so we can apply for our building permit! Now to figure out the cubic feet of the house for box 10a....

Here is the final isometric view.

The isometric view, showing what our house will look like

The revised basement plan now has space for mechanical systems and has been rearranged to make dealing with the foundation for the masonry heater easier.

Revised basement plan.  We moved all the bedrooms to the south wall and created the room to the north of the master bedroom and west of the bathroom for our mechanical stuff (hot water heaters, pressure tanks, breaker panels, etc)

Slight changes on the main floor, and no change to the loft

Revised first floor plan.  The biggest change here is to get rid of the island in the kitchen

And a new treat - elevation drawings!

West - this is the side facing the street, and has the main entrance to the house. The driveway will lead up to it. Ignore the egress window on the lower northwest corner - that was removed from the plans in the revisions, but didn't get removed from this view.

This will be our 'curb appeal'.

South - this faces into the deepest portion of our land, and will provide some passive solar heating (look at all the windows!).

The big wall with all the windows.  The light on the first floor should be excellent.

East - this faces toward the back of the lot. The left window is in the study/guestroom, the right window is across from the toilet.

Visit the Gents, reconnect with nature.

North - the non-solar side of the house. The windows present are for daylighting. The tall first floor window is between the bathroom and the stairs, to provide some extra light to a dark area. The door will eventually open onto a screened porch back there. For now, it will have a landing and stairs.

Welcome to the dark side of the house.

Now back to that building permit application...


Blogger G&J said...

Looks great guys! It is awesome to see your dream taking shape!

April 3, 2007 at 2:51:00 PM EDT  

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