Wood and Stone

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Thursday, December 20, 2007

I Think This is Where it Gets Really Difficult

We haven't really worked on the house for a good 3 weeks now. After Thanksgiving, Wendy got worse and went to the Doc-in-a-Box, and after a chest x-ray, was diagnosed with Pneumonia and her dosage of antibiotics was doubled. Suffice it to say I took the day off of work and kept the kids busy while she rested. I did my best to let her rest up that first weekend what with her Mom being out of town for Thanksgiving still.

I managed to get Grandpa Tom to watch the children for a half day while I went up and put a sheet of Typar over the road end of the building to keep some of the weather out. That was just too sketchy - I was only on an 8' ladder, but I was all alone in the cold and if I fell it could have been bad.

The next weekend I managed to put in at least half a day both days moving lumber - all the lumber was still outside under the tarps (and ice and snow), and I wanted to get the stuff we will use for interior walls inside out of the weather and stacked nicely where we can easily get to it.

This last weekend was the double winter punch. Snow on Thursday gave a good coating to our region and a head start on a white Christmas, then a Nor'easter plowed through and left more on top on Sunday. In between, we contacted plowers and after getting rates we engaged a local guy to clear our driveway for the season. It works out the same as if we pay for 10 plowings, which I suspect we will beat this year.

We thought about going to check it out before Sunday's storm, but we had sent the kids to go help Mimi and Pop get their decorations up (and for Wendy to fully rest for a couple of days), and had to pick them up Saturday. By time we got back the sun was going down, so we haven't seen the house since then.

Pop is coming up this weekend to help me at least get Typar over the whole thing, since the weather is going to be halfway decent (high 30s low 40s). We are really in pretty good shape heading into the winter. The house is basically closed, we just need to cover the window holes to keep the weather out. Once we get it closed, we can heat the inside and get to work on that. Wendy can come help again a bit at that point but she is going to have to be careful the rest of this season.