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Sunday, March 5, 2006

Higher Ground

After heading over to North Adams, MA for a christening today, we stopped at OUR land (!!!) to check out the night view. We were thinking of stopping on the way to the christening, but that just didn't work out, of course. On the way back, we were coming out of Williams, MA when I noticed that there was no cloud cover. I had mentioned to Wendy that I wanted to head out there on a clear night and see what we could see, so the idea was born.

It was a clear, cold night and the view was quite good. We don't see or hear the 2 lane highway we are off of (I've got to measure how far off that highway we are, at least by car - the road twists a few times), and the only artificial light we had was from the neighbor across the road - they have some outside lights that were on tonight. The stars were in good form, and the first quarter moon was the biggest impediment to seeing how good a sky we get. I hope that we will find out sometime this summer how good it can be with no moon.

On the way there we discussed whether Grafton has bears. I said yes based on a letter I saw in the Eastwick Press. This means we will have to get some bear bags for food while we camp. We also need to get the land posted correctly, look into driveways and if we need any permits for that, well drilling and septic installation.

We will be heading up to EarthWood for their spring open house on Saturday, 4.23.2006. We want to go check out the cordwood first hand and see what we can see. I think we might want to try to go to Pompanuck as well, if we determine that this is the way were are going to go.

Also, I finally have some pictures of this place! Actually, these are old (from the beginning of December 2005), but it hasn't changed much since then. It is still snow covered!

Looking south along the road frontage
Here is a view of our land, looking to the south.

Looking north down the hill
This is the view down the road to the North from our land, Wendy for scale.

That's our sign
Sean checking that the latches on the Sale Pending sign are closed properly so that the sign won't blow away.