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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Exquisite Timing

Today I read an email from my ISP, dated 2 days ago, with a subject line of Final Notice! Don't Lose Your Home Page. It told me that the home page (and associated space and hosted files) they had been providing was being updated, and that I needed to get a new account. The old page would be shut down as of December 10th (yesterday) and if I didn't migrate my files by then they would be deleted when the old server was shut down.

I hurried up over here and found the place a bit of a mess since all the section images and the background image were being hosted from that site. I have everything backed up so I uploaded the images to a hosting service and now things are back to normal.

Since I am here I figured I would post. I had promised some pictures of the heating system. Well, here you go - heating system from Radiantec in progress.

This is two days worth of work.
We decided to do copper for the heating system because we didn't have all the PEX stuff yet and wanted to get going. Copper is easily accessible and a good skill to learn anyway, so I headed into it with Pop's help. Well, sweating pipe is pretty tedious and takes a lot of skill.

Sean with the PMP (Plumbing Mechanical Package).
I think I am going to be very glad when we start the domestic water that we are using the PEX instead of sweating pipe. Fortunately much of the complicated work (putting all the little components together) is done for you in the package, but you still have to get it all together, and getting the offsets from the wall correct with the copper joints is a bit of a bear. But, a couple more workdays and it should be all done. Of course, the weather is against us too - it is icing here right now and some reports say we should have 3-6 inches of snow on top of that. But this too shall pass.


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