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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Deckathon 2007 starts!

Let the decking begin!

After straightening everything out last week, we thought we would be able to start decking. Instead, Wendy and I played Barbie pasteup Friday night, getting everything set up: making cereal box sleeves for the post inserts, putting them in place, cutting the decking to go around them, etc...

We made it through the setup and this morning we were able to start the decking in earnest. The decking is 2x6 tounge and groove pine boards. It serves as the deck as well as the finished floor surface. It will also comprise the finished ceiling surface, for upstairs at least. In the basement, we will probably eventually finish out the rooms and ceilings in drywall, excepting the south wall in each bedroom, which will be FirstDay wood finish.

First boards
By the end of the day (with Pop's help) we had 7 courses done, enough to stand on comfortably and enough to cause us to have to wrap everything up for the night. We need a better solution for working on the deck, so we don't get our dirty bootprints all over the deck. Pop suggested watershoes, which we both have, maybe we'll try tomorrow.


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