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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Braced for action

We weren't planning on working today, as we didn't have a solid plan for child care, but after sleeping in and doing some cleanup around the house, we got itchy about wasting such a plum day. We got Grandpa Tom to watch the kids for the afternoon while we went up to get some work in.

Wendy got out the chop saw and cut about twenty sticks of 14 foot 2x6 decking in half while I finished straightening and bracing the beams in anticipation of starting decking in earnest next weekend.

I continued putting on the 2x6 end pieces and straightening the beam up to it suing the bowrench. Once I figured out how to use it I was so happy. I was able to straighten up the 2x8s, use the tension to keep it straight while i got the nailer and nail it in place by myself. This, along with bracing the beams in each galley, helped to straighten it out even more. We needed a term to use while talking about the three 12 foot by 20 foot areas we have across the house - the bays are the 2 foot 8 inch by 36 foot areas. Galley was Wendy's and it stuck.

Finished up setting bracing

Next week - Decking!


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